Bill Roedy collects more petition signatures than required to qualify for Miami Beach mayoral election

Press | August 21, 2023 Bill Roedy collects more petition signatures than required to qualify for Miami Beach mayoral election

MIAMI BEACH, FL – August 18, 2023 – Bill Roedy, candidate for Mayor of Miami Beach, announced today that he has successfully collected more qualified petition signatures than required. Thirteen hundred registered voters support Bill Roedy for Mayor on the ballot for the upcoming election this November. Roedy’s commitment to grassroots engagement showcases his dedication to an inclusive, transparent, and resident-centric campaign.

Roedy achieved this goal by meeting voters face-to-face and speaking to the residents he aspires to serve. Through this process, Roedy has gained a unique understanding of their concerns and expectations, further shaping his platform to address the city’s needs.

“Today marks a significant milestone in our journey to bring positive change to Miami Beach,” said Roedy. “I am truly humbled by the overwhelming support we’ve received from our fellow residents. Collecting these petitions was an opportunity to listen, learn, and connect with the people who make our city vibrant and unique.”

Roedy’s approach contrasts traditional campaign methods that rely on financial contributions as a success metric. By focusing on community engagement, Roedy aims to create a government that is truly representative of the people it serves.

As a well-respected business leader with a proven track record of collaboration and successful initiatives, Roedy brings significant experience to his mayoral candidacy. His dedication to fighting crime, stopping reckless overdevelopment, and environmental sustainability demonstrates his commitment to a prosperous and thriving Miami Beach for all its residents.

Roedy’s achievement in collecting more than thirteen hundred petitions reflects his authenticity, determination, and respect for the democratic process. He invites all Miami Beach residents to join him in shaping the future of their city through open dialogue, shared values, and a vision of progress that benefits everyone.

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