LGBTQ Advocacy and More: Miami Beach Mayoral Aspirants Face Off!

Press | September 8, 2023 LGBTQ Advocacy and More: Miami Beach Mayoral Aspirants Face Off!

by Minha D. for

As the Miami Beach mayoral race heats up, four candidates vying for the position gathered at the O Cinema in South Beach for their first debate.

The forum, hosted by SAVE, an LGBTQ advocacy nonprofit, centered around LGBTQ issues but also delved into broader concerns. With public safety at the forefront, all candidates aimed to set themselves apart, despite sharing similar priorities.

In this article, we delve into the key highlights of this pivotal event.

Candidates Prioritize Public Safety:
All four contenders—Michael Gongora, Mike Grieco, Steven Meiner, and Bill Roedy—unanimously identified public safety as their top concern. Despite data indicating a decrease in crime over recent years, addressing residents’ worries about safety remained a common focus.

LGBTQ Advocacy: A Critical Focus:
Given Miami Beach’s reputation as a LGBTQ-friendly city and host of an annual Pride parade, LGBTQ issues held a significant place in the debate. Candidates emphasized their support for LGBTQ rights, with Michael Gongora, who is gay, highlighting his past initiatives, including a 2013 ballot measure against discrimination and anti-conversion therapy resolutions.

Mike Grieco shared his anti-conversion therapy bill sponsorship, while Bill Roedy’s advocacy against the AIDS epidemic took the spotlight. Steven Meiner emphasized his voting record in favor of LGBTQ groups and mobile HIV testing.

Addressing City Challenges:
Candidates addressed various pressing issues, including combating sea-level rise, creating affordable housing, and revisiting the 2021 referendum that rolled back last call for alcohol sales from 5 a.m. to 2 a.m.

Mike Grieco proposed supporting 2 a.m. alcohol curfews for new businesses in residential areas but preserving existing businesses. Bill Roedy expressed reservations about the rollbacks, advocating exceptions during high-impact weekends. Steven Meiner supported the 2 a.m. last call, considering it part of the solution.

Debate Dynamics:
The forum witnessed sparring between candidates Michael Gongora and Mike Grieco, with Gongora accusing Grieco of spreading falsehoods and questionable campaign ethics. Grieco, in return, defended his record and his commitment to LGBTQ rights.

Meanwhile, Steven Meiner maintained his pledge not to attack opponents and focused on his record as a proponent of tough-on-crime policies. Bill Roedy positioned himself as a political outsider with unique qualifications and a dedication to being a full-time mayor.

The first mayoral debate in Miami Beach brought forth candidates’ visions for the city, emphasizing public safety, LGBTQ advocacy, and addressing key challenges. The race promises to intensify in the coming weeks as Election Day approaches.