Bill Roedy

Bill Roedy has an extraordinary life story of hard work, commitment, integrity, compassion, and service. A city as complex and vibrant as Miami Beach needs a mayor like Bill, a uniquely qualified leader who is not a politician, but a leader – with the ability to implement real change and get things done with a high bar of excellence, integrity, and transparency.

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Bill Roedy at his desk with a pen and laptop computer

Why I’m Running

I am ready and committed to serve Miami Beach full-time, bringing my private sector and compassionate leadership to the mayoral office with unflinching integrity. I have a unique set of life and career experiences that enable me to bring a fresh perspective and inclusive, transformative change to the city.

It’s time for a change in Miami Beach and I am prepared to disrupt and improve what has been a complacent approach to working toward a unified vision, innovation, operational excellence and above all, integrity. As a candidate that has never taken a penny from any developer, lobbyist, or vendor, I am beholden to no one and know that together, with a fully participatory government where residents are prioritized, we can elevate Miami Beach to its full potential as a global city and brand in the world.

I am not a politician. I am a leader.

Hold me accountable to a high bar of excellence, and I will hold our government accountable for the same.

Bill Roedy

Early Life

Young Bill Roedy in a yearbook photo

The son of a working, single mother, Bill Roedy was born June 13, 1948 in Waltham, Massachusetts and moved to Miami Shores with his mom and sister in 1950. Watching his mom juggle multiple jobs to care for him and his siblings, Bill Roedy learned what hard work was. He spent his youth selling newspapers on the streets of Miami and changing A/C filters on Collins Avenue among other jobs, always trying to help make ends meet for the family. He graduated from North Miami High School and following his father’s footsteps, went on to attend West Point and serve in the Army.

Military Life: Serving With Integrity

Bill Roedy attended West Point US Military Academy from 1966 to 1970, continuing the legacy of his father who was also a West Point Graduate and survived the attack on Pearl Harbor. Upon graduating in 1970 as a 2nd Lieutenant, Bill qualified as an Airborne Ranger, and volunteered for duty in Vietnam. Following a year in combat operations along the DMZ, he then commanded three Nuclear Missile bases in Italy as part of NATO during the Cold War. For his distinguished military service, his awards include the Bronze Star, Air Medal, Vietnamese Cross of Gallantry (with Silver Star), and Meritorious Service Medal. In 2020, Bill was presented with West Point’s Distinguished Graduate Award. This award is given to graduates whose character, distinguished service, and stature draw wholesome comparison to the qualities for which West Point strives, in keeping with its motto: “Duty, Honor, Country.”

Photo of young uniformed Bill Roedy shaking hands at an event, marked "Army West Point Ranger"

CEO and Media Pioneer

After the military, Bill graduated from Harvard Business School. Embarking on a 33-year career in media, he joined HBO in 1979, launching the brand across the US, and was later honored as a Cable TV Pioneer by the cable industry.

In 1989, Bill quickly expanded MTV Networks International around the world, including MTV Networks Latin America. Headquartered on Lincoln Road in Miami Beach and nearly 400 employees, MTVNLA quickly became the leading international media company to establish our city as the entertainment capital of Latin America.

MTV Networks Latin America headquartered on Lincoln Road in Miami Beach (1996)

Over the next 22 years, Bill strategically and operationally built a global enterprise of 200 channels, 20 iconic media brands (including MTV, VH1, Nickelodeon and Comedy Central), in 200 countries, reaching an audience of 2 billion people, launching the most channels in the history of television. Known as an activist CEO, Bill pioneered the concept of corporate social responsibility for the company (“Doing Good is Good for Business”) and a myriad of progressive social initiatives giving back to each local community that the media brand was reaching.

His book, What Makes Business Rock, won CNBC’s Best Book of Summer 2011. In 2015, he was inducted into the Cable Hall of Fame.

Global Health Advocate and Diplomat

During his time at MTV, Bill founded and chaired the MTV Staying Alive Foundation, the longest and largest multi-media campaign to fight the AIDS epidemic, and was appointed as the first ever Ambassador of UNAIDS in 1997. After leaving MTV in 2011, Bill expanded on his HIV/AIDS work by building a portfolio of Global Health initiatives. He was a founding member and Chair of the Global Business Coalition on HIV/AIDS, was appointed the founding Chair of the Global Media AIDS initiative, became the Chair of amfAR, and was appointed the first Envoy for the Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunizations (GAVI), rising to Vice Chair in 2018. He is also an executive producer of the film documentary Battle of amfAR.

Bill Roedy standing beneath a large AIDS awareness ribbon

Geopolitically, he has supported Seeds of Peace, is a member of the Council of Foreign Relations, advised the State Department, and was appointed a Churchill Fellow.

Bill’s many accolades include an Emmy Founders Award, the Leadership Business Award presented by US President Bill Clinton, amfAR’s Award of Courage, the Doctors of the World Leadership Award, and the U.N. Global Citizen of the Year Award.


Bill and his wife, Alexandra, are parents to four adult children and have been long-time residents of Miami Beach since 1999. They were married on the beach in 2000, held a memorial service for Bill’s mother on the beach that same year, and had one of their children in Miami Beach in 2001.

In 2015, Miami Beach invited Bill to deliver the keynote speech at the city’s prestigious Miami Beach Centennial Celebration.

On June 1, 2023, Bill embarked on the Miami Beach Mayoral campaign trail, bringing with him a robust combination of leadership experience and a genuine commitment to community. Known for his effective communication skills and strategic vision, Bill has been engaging with residents from all walks of life, actively listening to their concerns and creating an inclusive platform for open dialogue and collaboration.

Bill Roedy has pursued a lifetime of global service in both the private and public sectors, dedicating his life to uniting cultures, freedom for all, and improving well-being worldwide. Now he’s bringing his expertise and passion back to Miami Beach.