Arts and Culture

Miami Beach is a world class city and destination for art, culture and music. People come from around the country and the world to experience our rich and vibrant culture. Our city values these attributes and they are vital to our brand.

Orchestra performing on stage

We are home to museums and memorials, the ballet and symphony, theater, music, art, architecture, and so much more. In addition, art and culture exist in the classroom through a unique STEAM (STEM plus Art) program that partners with the city’s prestigious cultural centers to enhance learning and teaching.

Miami Beach is a city of cultural excellence and our residents have expressed how important this aspect of life is for them and their families when 65% of Miami Beach voters approved the Arts and Culture Bond.

As we reimagine our city for the future, Bill pledges to continue our leadership in this area. Our cultural and artistic expertise should be central to this dialogue and our transformation into the future. Bill’s three decades of experience in music and entertainment makes him uniquely qualified to ensure our city continues to be a global beacon of art and culture.

Our cultural centers, organizations and public spaces enrich our community, speak to our values and attract people from around the world.


  • Ensure that we fulfill the 2022 Yes 2 Arts General Obligation Bond. This will provide significant resources to enhance and upgrade all of our cultural facilities.
  • Attract talent both locally and beyond to enhance public spaces.
  • Continue to support and invest in our children and the cultural organizations that are teaching them through the STEAM program in our public schools.