Growth & Overdevelopment

Change is urgently needed to strike a balanced approach to responsible, smart development in combination with historic preservation efforts to maintain Miami Beach’s unique identity and appeal. We cannot allow unchecked development and personal relationships with developers to erode the character of our neighborhoods, compromise the integrity of our city and evict residents from their homes.

Bill has never taken a penny from any developer, lobbyist, or vendor either to his campaign or political action committee and never will. He is beholden to no one and is fully independent.


  • Stop the systemic corruption and “pay to play” culture with developers, lobbyists and vendors influencing government decisions
  • Impose a moratorium on approvals for new high rises, pending analysis of infrastructural, transit, and environmental needs
  • Prioritize a residents-first approach when conducting comprehensive zoning reviews and decision-making
  • Impose additional penalties on businesses that have dilapidated, vacant storefronts
  • Enhance eco-friendly measures and greening of public spaces that provide shade to mitigate the effects of heat waves as well as making them more welcoming
  • Ensure the cleanliness of our public space at all times
  • Involve artists and art organizations in the design of local public spaces