Homelessness is a social problem that we believe our city needs to approach with the utmost expertise and information about the homeless individuals in our community, provide long-term effective resources and solutions, against a lens of compassion to avoid the criminalization of what is a humanitarian crisis. Our vision is that one person homeless in the street is one too many.

Homelessness is an urgent issue that we must address with speed and special attention as its impact is felt by us all on a daily basis, and hampers our city’s global brand.

Allen Apartments, an example of affordable housing that serves elderly and disabled residents, primarily in historic buildings on Miami Beach.


  • Compile data on our homeless population to identify who they are individually, know where they are coming from and what they need as a resource
  • Prioritize affordable housing for the elderly, the disabled, and low-income families in our development plans
  • Provide transit to mental health centers for those who need it
  • Provide job opportunities where appropriate
  • Strengthen our collaboration with regional agencies, nonprofits, and healthcare providers to offer comprehensive support (mental health and addiction services, job training, healthcare assistance), helping them regain stability
  • Learn from the experience and expertise of other urban areas in the state, the country, and beyond that have succeeded at improving this growing phenomenon