Public Safety

Our mission is to ensure that public safety is our city’s top priority. We must coexist in harmony, free from bodily and property fears, to fully prosper as a leading city. We will prioritize policies to make us safe in the face of both social dangers and environmental hazards, without sacrificing our uniquely civil and personal liberties.

Miami Beach’s mixed entertainment zone (Ocean Drive) is often the grounds for imported criminal activity, especially during Spring Break weekends. Our city’s image has suffered and is now seen as a venue of chaos and crime during these high impact weekends. These weekends have seized the narrative about who we are.

(left to right) Bill with Miami Beach Chief of Police Richard Clements and Fire Chief Virgil Fernandez

We need to take charge of our streets and end it. Simply, we need a break from Spring Break and Bill will get it done with a comprehensive plan so that all residents and visitors feel safe year-round.


  • Increase police resources (minimum of 10%) along with community policing, foot patrols and resident engagement throughout the 3 regions of North Beach, Mid-beach and South Beach
  • Strengthen our Code Enforcement and provide an off-hours direct phone number for Code Enforcement emergencies (e.g. for addressing noise and off-hours nuisances)
  • Open a real-time crime center equipped with shotspotter technology and CCTV in known hot spots of criminal activity
  • Collaborate with area municipalities and counties currently sending visitors to our City during high-impact weekends
  • Form a detective force, inspired by anti-terrorism and crowd control in hot spots around the world, focused on gathering intelligence, and distributing plainclothes detectives throughout the area.