Climate change, sea-level rise and coastal erosion are realities we face as a coastal city and Miami Beach has the opportunity to be an exemplary city that leads with innovation, real action and an urgency to action.

Clearly, we must step up our mitigation and protection efforts against floods’ increasing frequency and magnitude. It is our responsibility to learn from best practices around the world to devise and implement an actionable comprehensive plan for dealing with the impact to our residential neighborhoods. Above all, we must push forward with sea-level rise mitigation projects because while in the short-term, these projects may cause disturbances to our community, we must commit to a long-term vision to ensure that Miami Beach is safe for generations to come.


  • Activate initiatives such as raising roads, new drainage systems and stormwater pump stations
  • Recruit the best and the brightest world-level experts to work with our City leaders
  • Maintain a micro-local approach that takes into account each neighborhood’s unique characteristics and needs
  • Commit to upgrading aging water and sewer piping across the city
  • Foster a participatory process in which residents provide input as appropriate
  • Thoroughly evaluate and consider all unintended consequences of resiliency projects and prepare our neighborhoods accordingly with timely communication and information