Traffic & Transit

It’s no secret that we have a traffic and congestion problem year-round. Traffic gridlock causes widespread stress and frustration for all of us in Miami Beach. We will focus on proactively improving both traffic flow and public transportation as a core priority of our city with action-based initiatives that can be implemented.

We plan to intervene by improving both traffic flow and public transportation.

Traffic objectives:

  • Create a real-time traffic center with cutting-edge AI-technology to analyze traffic patterns and adjust light synchronization to manage traffic flow, in collaboration with Miami-Dade County
  • Require thorough traffic impact studies with every new development proposal, including delivery truck impact for commercial developments and limit delivery truck activity to certain streets and hours
  • Analyze traffic flows in order to identify well-transited routes that would benefit from additional public transportation lines (e.g. to/from schools at peak hours)
  • Discourage visitor driving by limiting non-resident parking to garages

Transit objectives:

  • Expand and improve public transit options like bike lanes and pedestrian routes to promote walkability to reduce car dependency and carbon emissions
  • Electrify and upgrade our trolleys to fulfill standards of comfort and speed, which should ideally operate along designated lanes
  • Prioritize the review and modification of Baylink plans, bringing together stakeholders and directly-impacted residents in order to minimize its visual and traffic impact on Fifth Street and along the Causeway
  • Work with the county to improve the frequency of the 150 buses to and from the Airport and Metrorail along the Julia Tuttle, to provide fast alternatives to and from downtown Miami to residents of Mid and North Beach along the Julia Tuttle