Vision for Miami Beach

Miami Beach must rise to become a safe, inclusive, and prosperous city defined by a truly diverse community where everyone is embraced and led by a unified and transparent government.

We will also ensure that we balance our rich legacy of architectural history with a progressive future through the lens of resilient and innovative solutions to our rising seas challenges.

We must protect, preserve, and enhance the priceless global brand that is Miami Beach.

The time is now for Miami Beach to step onto the world stage and tackle the issues that hold it back. While this city is a paradise that draws millions of tourists annually, there are pervasive issues that demand bold action and political will or they will continue to compromise our quality of life. You know it because you live it, like we do.

A culture of change is what Miami Beach needs to avoid a repetition of recycled approaches and solutions that have not moved the city forward toward the vision we all aspire to. Join us in bringing a positive change to this city that moves us all forward.